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God raises up ordinary man in extraordinary ways to accomplish his work and bring Glory to Him. Men from humble beginnings. Men that will love and care for His People and understand the value of their purpose; Bishop Hurricane Johnson is that Man.


Born in a small city in Palm Beach County Florida, on the south eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee call Belle Glade Florida on August 27, 1964. Bishop Hurricane Johnson Moved to Miami Florida with his mother Mea Johnson and four siblings, there he grew up. At the very young age of 12, he was called by God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the age of 16, he was already on 6 Radio Stations and traveling the United States. He was 18 years old when he wrote and produce his first record. He spent most of his teen years studying the bible. Being saved and going to church was unusual for a young man back then, so they would call him ‘Lil Preacher’ or 'Bible Man'.


Serving under the ministry of his father, Apostle T.G. Thompson, at Gospel Arena, as National Evangelist, Bishop Johnson launched out with the blessings of his father and started 'The Monday Night Special’ in 1994. It was there that he gave birth to Changing Your life Ministries. "The place where broken hearts are mended, in Fort Lauderdale Florida where he is presently the Bishop and Senior Pastor.


The arms of His influence are visible in the lives of so many people as a Bishop to the Body of Christ. He is passionate about the Word of God and its ability to transform Lives. He has been recognized by the City of Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park Florida as he received over 15 Proclamations and special presidential gifts from the personal office of President Obama. He holds two honorary doctorate and is awarded for many accomplishments.


He successfully led his church to purchasing a million dollar property, established multiple business under the umbrella of his church such as, thrift stores, moving company, restaurant and a U-Haul truck rental site. Bishop has produced and sponsored large successful venues featuring international artists such as Shirley Caesar, Vickie Winans. Candy Stayton, the Winans, LaShun Pace and many others.


He is also a very concerned and active citizen of the United States of America, Which did not limit him to orchestrating the United Peoples World Conference,where he brought together City Officials and Religious leaders. Over the years, he has established multiple's radio ministries, produced and held his own television broadcast for over nine years and to this date is currently on radio for 38 years. He appeared on several television stations, including being a special guest minister on TBN.


Bishop Hurricane Johnson is multi-gifted. His ministry transcends beyond national boundaries as a preacher, teacher, lecturer, consular and advisor. He addresses issues affecting everyday life socially and spiritually. As a highly sought after speaker and lecturer for various conferences, seminars and revivals, Bishop believes in the Gifts of The Holy Spirit and Prayer. He carries an Apostolic anointing over his life that will charge leaders as well as members to spiritual growth and spiritual empowerment.


He is one of the world prolific preachers and has been able to help many believers from various backgrounds and walks of life through his deliverance and unusual Ministry.

Bishop devotes himself to the Ministry of writing. As the author of the Book, "By Way of the Wilderness,' he details our travel true difficult times, introducing our inner man to our profession. Bishop is well known for his awesome ability to expand on the word of God, changing lives through the airwaves while building the kingdom of God. He is exciting, dynamic, a driving force, powerful, vigorous, an entrepreneur, one that will motivate, influence and push the body of Christ through the Word of God and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Throughout his years of Pastoralship, Bishop Hurricane Johnson has touch thousands of lives home and abroad. Many who were suffering from addiction and sickness were set free and healed. Under his ministry, many marriages were mended and souls saved. In addition to his many duties, Bishop Hurricane Johnson is a husband and Father. His wife, Pastor Jeanette Johnson and four children works along with him in the ministry. He has three grandchildren. Bishop is an awesome scholar off the word, God chosen Prophet, a true Shepherd and the Doxa of our time.



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